EBay Selling

As Macklemore puts it in his hit single “Thrift Shop”…

One mans trash is another mans treasure.

Prov. Something that one person considers worthless may be considered valuable by someone else.

This ideal is important when selling your stuff on Ebay. Household items which you may deem useless may in fact be worth some cash.

In order to sell on Ebay you must have an EBay account. This is fairly simple to set up and can be done from any online device such as your smart phone.

When you sell on Ebay you have an Ebay score. Which is a rating given to you based on your behaviour on the site. To get your score I would suggest buying 10 items via EBay to establish this.

A score/review/star is given every time an Ebay user buys or sells something.

The 10 items can be of minimum value, try search for items at £0.01 – £1.00 including delivery fee.

Once you have gained a rating of 10 stars or more you will be ready to start selling.

Check how much these items have sold for in the past by first of all searching the item on the search bar and filter for “completed” and “sold” items. This will give you an idea of how much the item is likely to sell for.

It is important to include delivery fees for the item you are selling to save you getting stung for the cost.

Take some photos, list your items and off you go!

* it is important to note that Ebay take around 10% of each final value and Paypal take around 3% of each transaction cost. Therefore when calculating your profit please deduct 13% from your final sale value!

Happy Ebay’ing. If you do have any questions or queries on how this process works please feel free to get in touch :-)

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